A Different Type Of Teaching

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The other night I was searching the beloved YouTube.  I discovered something interesting that I figured I would share.  There is a type of teaching called whole brain teaching.  It is a very powerful type of teaching!  When I watched this YouTube video, I couldn’t help thinking how engaged these students are in this classroom.  I must say that even though the class was engaged it got a little should I say obnoxious.  I figured I would share it anyways due to the fact that I saw how engaged the students were and how well they all behaved.


If you are interested in this type of teaching, you can go to there website.  I have posted the website on my links. 
I am interested in what everyone thinks about this type of teaching.  Would you use it in your classroom?  Do you think it helps with behavior management?  Do you think this type of teaching is realistic?

Virtual Class

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When I first heard that we would have virtual classI honestly thought it might be a disaster.  I, personally, did not have a problem with the idea.  My question was,  “How are we all going to interact with each other?”  When we first went over the basics in class of Elluminate, I was pleasantly surprised!  I thought it was a great system- so far.

When we finally put Elluminate to the test, I was shocked at how smoothly the entire session went.  Of course there were only minor glitches like audio problems, but overall it went very well.  I was intrigued at the fact that the Moderator could make new windows pop up on my screen.

I loved all the benefits of this virtual class.  I was able to come home from work and relax a little bit before logging in!  I was still able to interact with everyone – even though it may not be as personal as I may like.  With all its benefits mentioned, I do believe that it should not take place of all regular classroom meetings.  I still think that a regular classroom meeting needs to be held all together in one location.  I think this helps with keeping everyone engaged.  I only say this because I found myself being distracted by technology and other things going on in my home.

My Use Of Social Media

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Google has been my best friend through various stages of my life.  I am always able to research a variety of things and easily have the information at my fingertips.  One of the most recent topics I researched was pertaining to my dog’s obsessions with itching in the back area.  She would constantly itch using the stairs, her mouth, or even try to get me to scratch it for her.  She also started a scooting thing on the carpet.  She would twirl around like a ballerina.  I knew that she did not have fleas so I could easily rule that out on my own.

So I put my best friend to the test.  I first started my research with “dog itching near butt”.  (I know its a little graphic, but this is how I truly started my research).  I clicked on a variety of different sites, some of which included dog owners posting their issues about their dog.  Several sites pointed to my dog possibly having a (dare I say it) anal sac problem.  I know it’s graphic, but apparently this is a common issue. 

Using my best friend, google, made me informed when I went to take my dog to the vet for her issue.  Even though her issue was not due to anal sac problems, I was able to mention possible ideas that I thought could be the problem.  Since I did the research, I believe my vet took me seriously.  My dog was treated for an infection and a possible food allergy.   I can say that she is doing well now and is not obsessed with constantly scratching herself!

I think that having this tool has been great.  I love being able to find information quickly and easily.  If I did not have this tool, I would not be as informed as I could be.  I love technology!



Digital Storytelling Class

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I am so excited to start my new digital storytelling project.  I was able to explore many different links that offered different things!  One of my favorites sites was storybird.  I love the concept of picking out different art and adding text and audio to it.  I also love that students can print books.  This allows the student to make their own books that they can read over and over again!  Stay tuned for my new digital storytelling project!  In the meantime, feel free to explore the different digital storytelling links yourself by clicking on the links on my blog!

Digital Storytelling

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I have not had the chance to present a digital story to a classroom yet.  Honestly, I did not even know precisely what it was until now!  What I did discover is that students from second grade on up could probably make their own digital storytelling!  Of course, as a teacher, you could always show a digital storytelling presentation to nearly every student, regardless of age.  This makes me excited about this new tool because I have felt that the past resources we have discussed in my ED554 class have primarily been geared towards secondary education.

In the YouTube video I have embeded into my blog, it shows how creative the 2nd grade students at a particular elementary school got with digital storytelling.  I was so amazed that these students were capable of doing a task like this!  It really makes me excited about learning this new tool and incorporating it into my future classroom.

Google Tools – A World Recently Discovered!

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Before last night’s class I was completely unaware of some of the wonderful tools google provides for FREE!!  I’ve heard of google docs before, but never decided to go discover it on my own.  I must say it is pretty neat!  The fact that I don’t have to carry a flash drive everywhere is amazing!  With flash drives, I always wondered if my document would pull up correctly or whether it would magically corrupt on me at the most inconvenient times.  Now, I could pull up any document anywhere and be reassured that I will not have to have a panic attack when I’m trying to print something!

I was shocked when Jim showed us the different capabilities the spreadsheet document has.  For instance, he typed in a few fruit names, like apples, bananas, strawberries and raspberries.  Then he highlighted all of those names and holding the control key he would drag the cursor down.  This produced other fruit names that were not even there in the first place!  It was able to recognize what you were looking for!  It was so neat!  I hope to have time to discover all these neat tools to use sometime soon!

Since I will be working in an elementary classroom, I do believe it would be hard to use these tools with the students.  I could probably use them with the older elementary students, but I do not think it is realistic with the younger elementary students.  Either way, I could still use the tools to help teach! 

Response to Chapter 12

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When reading this chapter, I found myself going through my encounters with technology throughout my years.  I remember my first computer and how I always played Oregon Trail or even a game that would help me with remember state capitals.  Later, I would find myself typing papers and having to rip the sides off the paper if I were to print it.  Now, I find myself encountering technology in several times a day.  My current job demands the use of the Internet.  I would not have a job i it weren’t for technology!  It is amazing how technology has changed over the years!

Today’s youth already has that interaction with technology from a very young age.  This chapter really brought forth the idea of bringing technology to the classrooms as much as possible and embracing it!  I loved reading the story at the beginning about a science teacher taking pictures to show her students at the end.  The students were completely engaged in this activity that she took this idea and ran with it.

I remember when I was student teaching in a 2nd grade classroom and having to tap into technology just to engage the students because they were lower functioning students.  I had a small class of about 15 math students.  Two were ADHD and the rest were lower ability students.  In order to help these students learn and be excited about learning, I incorporated the SMARTBoard as much as I could.  They would come up and write down their problems and answers on the board as part of a daily activity.  This, I felt, was one of the proudest moments in my teaching career thus far because I felt like I really reached them and it showed in their tests.

This chapter introduced a variety of ways to incorporate technology.  One way is to introduce the big screen to your classroom.  This will help engage all your students due to the stimulation of the 8 feet X 8 feet screen.  Another way to incorporate technology is to have interactive software.  This is like your typical SMARTBoard that is evident in many classrooms seen in this area.  Images can also be used to help incorporate technology.  This can be done by making a PowerPoint for a story or a presentation.  This is more stimulating than just your regular presentation in which a presenter is just standing at the front of the room lecturing.  Web tools can make the classroom fun as well.  Students can blog about their reading response on the internet.  This can also stimulate a discussion among peers.   Social networks can also help engage a classroom.  For instance, students can make characters of a book they read in a book.  They then can post how they might act or feel about situations.  MP3 players can also help today’s generation by providing them the opportunity to record themselves rehearsing a script for a play.

Overall, I believe today’s generation needs and thrives off of the interactive classroom.  Students need to be engaged in the classroom and this is one of the ways that teachers can make happen.

Did You Know 4.0

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Welcome to my first blog ever!! I have never used a blog before, but there’s a first time for everything!

Tonight I have finally started my last semester of my Master’s Degree.  One of my classes is the about use of technology in the classroom.  The task was to set up a blog account and blog about a video we watched in class.  Sounds easy right?!?  Well I started out on my adventure making my blog, but I found that I was constantly distracted about what  widgets I should add and what my theme should look like.  I was easily engulfed in this entire process!

Finally, I am to the point where I am ready to blog about “Did You Know 4.0.”  If you haven’t seen this video, you should.  It is about how technology has influenced our world.  For example, in 2009 there were 2 millions TVs in bathrooms.  Astounding, right?!  I found myself pondering why technology has seemed to rule our world now.  Everything is about iPod Touch this or Kindle this.  Don’t get me wrong, I love technology, but I feel as though it is quickly sweeping the minds of our young students.  I recently completed my student teaching experience at the end of April.  When I was talking to my 2nd graders, I found that most of them had iPods or even cell phones.  I guess what I don’t understand is why a 7 year old should have such things.

Like I mentioned earlier, I love technology.  I have a Facebook page, a cell phone, a TV, and a computer.  I believe that technology is enhancing children’s lives which is important.  Students LOVE technology!! They are excited about coming up to the SMARTBoard or ever going to the computer lab.  This is how, I believe, future educators are able to bring learning to life.  Students are engaged if you use technology!

I believe technology does more good than it does harm.  I think we need to embrace technology!  It is not going away anytime soon and new things are always being produced.